OpenSoar Version 7.28.04 (2023/02/11)

This is Git-Version (Git-Tag) v7.28.04, but don't push any own Commits after this because the base will be rebuild! The Hash of this state is ''6b64099', normally you will seen this in the splash screen/info page! Different from the XCSoar master:

(WIP) means: Work In Progress: This isn't really ready up to now, it should work, but here there is some review missing!

OpenSoar Windows:

OpenSoar Linux:

The Linux executable is still missing the deb installation package - it may not run due to missing dependencies (this is a work in progress, don't need to be reported to me)

OpenSoar Android:

OpenSoar at OpenVario 3.0.1-8-CB2: